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The Number 19 - Has God Authorised its Use?

There is No Punishment of the Grave

When you die, you return to the exact same state of non-existence you were in before. In this state, no thoughts, memories, feelings, time, matter or space exist, not even 'punishment of the grave'... ( Read )

There is No Intercession in the Hereafter according to the Qur'an

Many Muslims believe Prophet Muhammad will intercede on the Day of Judgment to help them in their reckoning with Allah when their own record of deeds will not be sufficient to enter Paradise. Some believe Ali will intercede for them and rescue them from deserved punishment. There is no intercession in the Hereafter according to the Qur'an... ( Read )

Reciting Durood on the Prophets in Salah

A true beiever is devoted to Allah alone. It may not make sense that he or she greets the prophets every time while performing salah, as if he is alive in front of him... ( Read )

Women's Right to Space in the Mosque

Writing Names alongside Allah's Name in Mosques

It makes sense therefore that Masjids, in their interior or exterior decoration should not associate anyone alongside Allah... ( Read )

The Prohibition of Perfume on Women

They continue their strayed thinking further and have also forbidden believing women from wearing perfume outdoors and smelling pleasant... ( Read )

Ear Piercing, Nose Piercing and All Other Body Piercing

Most people do not think about it. What seems to be a normal practice, actually has serious Quranic and ethical concerns... ( Read )

Does Nail Polish Prevent Validation of Wudu?

To claim that ablution is not valid without water reaching the surface of the nail is a claim lacking wisdom. Learn about the elements of religion that was overlooked when this verdict was passed... ( Read )

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Those Sent to Hell, Stay there Forever

How long is the stay in Hell? Will its inhabitants be let out to dwell in Paradise after serving a period of time? Many 'Muslims' have come to believe this while the Qur'an states otherwise... ( Read )

The Myth that Women have to Obey their Husbands

The Dead cannot Hear nor Answer our Greetings

Muslims are taught that righteous people in their graves, such as prophets and "saints" can hear when someone passes a greeting to them. Many also call on the dead to request assistance from Allah for a particular problem they are facing in life. This is the basis for many styles of idolatry associated with graves. The Qur'an reveals explicit information about those in their graves... ( Read )

Does the Qur'an Prohibit Muslim Women from Reciting the Qur'an or to Sing in Public as the Clergy teach us?

A study of an oft-repeated term in the Qur'an, "those with a disease in their hearts". Islamic gatherings and events are held worldwide, and even musical nasheed events but women have no platform there. 'Nasheeds' have become a popular phenomenon among the young Muslims of today. However, their is an obvious lack of female artists in the arena. This is not because there are not any talented Muslim female singers, rather that the majority of the Muslims insist on adhering to wrong interpretations of the Qur'an... ( Read )

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Does the Qur'an Allow Sex with Slaves / Concubines ?

So called "Muslim" men have sexual relations with many slaves or servants despite being married. As with other so-called "authentic" teachings, this is another innovation that violates Quranic teachings and has no basis in the true Book of Allah... ( Read )

Marriage of Believers

Polygamy - To Mothers of Orphans Only

There have been many men in modern days who, in the name of being a "Muslim", married multiple times against their first wives' wishes. First wives have become depressed due to inconsiderate nature of their husbands who married against their will. These men are in violation of all the teachings of the Qur'an described in this article... ( Read )

Hijab & Niqab in the Qur'an

Over the centuries, in the name of Islam, some of the most concealed ways of dressing has been suggested for Muslim women by clergy, who consist mostly of men. According to them, the "best" way of dressing for a woman involves, in their chosen words, to appear as a black "crow", concealing every part of her including the face, eyes, hands and feet in black drape. In this way, even the simplest shape or form of a human being's appearance is taken away from a woman and she is reduced to a 'mere shadow'. Discover if the Qur'an really orders women to covering their hair ("Hijab"), or face-veil ("Niqab")... ( Read )


Selected Verse

"Say, 'My Lord, make my entrances to all affairs sincere, and make my departures sincere, grant me lasting authority from your presence'." (Qur'an 17:80)

Women's Right to Space in the Mosque

Many Muslim women are accustomed to finding themselves in a situation where it is prayer time, but the mosque in front of them does not welcome female visitors. Sometimes, they are uncertain and are left wondering whether they should ask, or skip prayer altogether. It can even be inhospitable approaching a male worshipper for assistance... ( Read )

The Myth that Women have to "Obey" their Husbands

The Qur'an was sent down to a disbelieving people who treated women as second class citizens. Their view was that women's duty is to obey men and to serve their needs. To this day, so-called religious Muslims have inherited this chauvinism. They think they found a Quranic verse (4:34) that back their claim that women must "obey" their husbands. Find out the clarifications to their misconceptions, or deliberate twists...
( Read )

Every Single Moment

"Lower their Gaze" does not mean to Avoid Eye-contact or to not Interact

Many "practising Muslims" are un-cooperative and unhelpful to members of the opposite gender. If two such people are put in a situation where they have to communicate, then, one looks into the sky, while the other looks into the ground to avoid eye contact. They back their behaviour using what they have been told about Verse 24:29-30. Women are even told to make their voice sound "rough" and "coarse" when speaking to a man! Read the clarifications to these misconceptions which arises purely out of a lack of Quranic wisdom and understanding... ( Read )

Qur'an on Menstruation

Menstruating women have been told that they shall not enter a Mosque, perform salah (i.e. bow or prostrate before Allah), fast during Ramadan, or even touch a copy of the Qur'an. Almost Every act of worship has been forbidden. The Glorious Qur'an does speak of menstruation for believing women - but what exactly does the Qur'an tell them? ( Read )

Paedophilia - Underage Marriages of Girls

The elaborate teachings on the permissibility of men having sex with children are desires of those men who seek such perversions and have succeeded in gaining approval of their position in religion, and not from the Creator of Mankind... ( Read )

Featured Article: Verse 3:14 - Alluring for all people are love of charms: women, children,
			 gold and silver treasures..


Killing of Apostates - A Contradiction with the Qur'an

An established law in the traditional path which violates the verses of Allah's glorious book... ( Read )

Stoning to Death:  A Violation of the Qur'an

The Believing men and women are united by their strong faith in Allah and behave in the best manner possible. The Qur'an governs their behaviour. In a community of believers, if lewd behaviour is proven between two people, they should be punished. However, instead of following the Qur'an, so-called Muslims have introduced a different punishment... ( Read )


Birth Control / Contraception is Not Forbidden

Many Muslim couples appear to have more children than they can cope with - as a result of clergy making another unfounded prohibition... ( Read )

Is Having More Children Islamic?

The Qur'an strikes the complete opposite view to what is traditionally taught... ( Read )

How Male Circumcision Harms Women

Circumcision - Does the Qur'an Approve it?

Male babies and boys around the world, as well as girls in parts of "Muslim" world are "circumcised" - a part of their genitals are cut-off permanently. Read clarifications to commonly claimed reasons for circumcision. Most importantly, what does the Glorious Qur'an say on this? Also discover the true origin and inspiration of this mutilative practice... ( Read )

The Correct Time to break Fast in Ramadan

"It is in the month of Ramadan the Qur'an was revealed as guidance for mankind, clear messages giving guidance and distinguishing between right and wrong. So any one of you who is present in the month should fast." (Qur'an 2:185)... ( Read )


Does the Qur'an Prohibit Masturbation?

Despite claims, no Quranic evidence for its prohibition is found... ( Read )

Verse 4:34 Translations

A collection of 4:34 Translations which do not use "beat/scourge/hit" women... ( Read )

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