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1) Understanding the Arabic Language does not Mean One Understands the Qur'an

2) Peaceful Life of the True Believer

3)  Reading the Qur'an but Practising Something Else

4) Unwavering Faith in Allah

5) Understanding the Believers

6) Twisting the Qur'an with Tongues

7) The Plight of the Hypocrites

8) The Religion of Nostalgia

9) Women & Beauty: A Secret Revealed in the Qur'an

10) Every Single Moment

11) Existence of Good People: A Secret of the Qur'an

12) Love for Allah

13) The Mix of Disbelieving People

14) Enjoying Songs & Music - Delighting our Minds

15) One Must be Knowledgeable of the Qur'an to be a Servant of Allah

16) The Only Legitimate Consumers of Earth's Blessings are the Believers

17) Unity & Love between those who Believe

18) Marriage of Believers

19) Using the Qur'an as a Bait

20) Appreciating Beauty

21) Taking the Religion of Islam as a Dogma

22) Converting to Islam

23) Courage Needed to do Good Deeds

24) Pointless Life

25) The Struggle for Psyche

26) Being Sincere in Islam

27) The Struggle for Witness

Women's Right to Space in the Mosque

Misconceptions Articles

28) Reciting Durood on the Prophets in Salah

29) Writing Names alongside Allah's Name in Mosques

30) Ear Piercing, Nose Piercing and All Other Body Piercing

31) Does Nail Polish Prevent Validation of Wudu?

32) The Dead cannot Hear nor Answer our Greetings

33) Those Sent to Hell, Stay there Forever

34) There is No Intercession in the Hereafter According to the Qur'an

35) Does the Qur'an Allow Sex with Slaves / Concubines ?

36) Polygamy - To Mothers of Orphans Only

37) Hijab & Niqab in the Qur'an

38) Does the Qur'an Prohibit Muslim Women from singing in Public as the Clergy teach us?

39) Killing of Apostates - A Contradiction with the Qur'an

40) The Myth that Women have to "Obey" their Husbands

41) "Lower their Gaze" does not mean to Avoid Eye-contact or to not Interact

42) Stoning to Death:  A Violation of the Qur'an

43) Contraception / Birth Control is Not Forbidden

44) Does the Qur'an Prohibit Masturbation?

45) Is Having More Children Islamic?

46) Circumcision - Does the Qur'an Approve it? - {Genital Mutilation}

47) The Correct Time to break Fast in Ramadan

48) Women's Right to Space in the Mosque

49) Glorious Qur'an on Menstruation

50) Verse 4:34 Translations

51) Paedophilia - Underage Marriages of Girls

52) There is No Punishment of the Grave

Courage Needed to do Good Deeds

Sunni Shia Articles

53) Was everything the Prophet said "Wahi" - Divinely Inspired?

54) Book & Wisdom (Kitab & Hikma) = Qur'an & Hadith books ?

55) Understanding "Obey Allah & the Messenger"

56) "Obey those in Authority among you" = Scholars?

57) What does "You have a good example in the Prophet" mean?

58) "Take what the Messenger Gives You and Abstain from what he Forbids you"

59) Qur'an:  Complete & Fully Detailed

60) Less Known Aspect of Hadith

61) "Ask those who Know" - Where is it in the Qur'an?

Every Single Moment

Finer Points Articles

62) The Claim that Qur'an 33:53 Commands Women to Wear Niqab (Face Veil)

63) "We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an so you people may understand" (12:2)

64) How do Plants, Animals & Insects Worship Allah? What Happens to them in the Hereafter?

65) Verse 5:33 - "Cut off alternate hands and feet"

66) Verse 3:14 - "Alluring for all people are love of charms: Women, children,
gold and silver treasures"

67) How did Previous Scriptures Alter when Allah says His Words cannot be Changed?

68) The Number 19 - Has God Authorised its Use?

69) Verse 5:43 - "But how can they ask you to judge them when they have the Torah,
in it is Allah's judgement..."

70) The Styles of Addressing Women in the Qur'an

71) Halal Meat in the Qur'an

72) Two Female Witnesses in Place of One Male Witness

73) Consanguineous Marriages

Polygamy - To Mothers of Orphans Only

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