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The Qur'an - a Book often spoken of, yet many people are unaware of what the Qur'an says. QuranicPath aims to portray the path of Allah (God) as shown in the Qur'an.

Love for Allah

The definition of belief in the Qur'an is complete devotion to Allah and Allah alone. The Hereafter is absolutely inescapable. The Believer is devoted to Allah because he knows he will certainly give an account of everything he did in the world... ( Read )

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Enjoying Songs & Music - Delighting our Minds

Listening to music, enjoying a song that makes one happy, or feel better by expressing his or her emotion happens to be one of the major signs of Allah. Listening to a song is a sign from your Lord of His existence... ( Read )

Understanding the Believers

The people around a believer may find it strange seeing his or her consistent right actions. This is because only when one comprehends the existence of Allah and the purpose of life and also becomes a devoted believer himself or herself, can true uprightness in conduct and behaviour make sense...
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The Struggle for Witness

In this article, we are to discover a core component of 'meaning' to your life, and how it has shaped you and continuously affects you at every moment.... ( Read )

The Religion of Nostalgia

Among people are those who think themselves into believing that they are on the right path. These people lead their lives thinking they are the types of people who have Allah's approval. However, a quick glance reveals that their idea of religion consists of nothing more than conforming to a set of traditions... ( Read )

Every Single Moment

When we look back at our past, everything seems to be like a single moment. Years spent doing something seems to appear as one moment in time... ( Read )

Courage Needed to do Good Deeds

The feeling of being perceived as doing a socially unacceptable good deed is the greatest challenge for a believer, rather than the challenge in overcoming his own soul's motivation... ( Read )

One Must be Knowledgeable of the Qur'an to be a Servant of Allah

The Qur'an is the Revelation of Allah and is the only Book that explains to believers the true meaning of faith. It is the only Book which explains to people the attributes of Allah, the favors of Allah and the way of Allah in dealing with disbelieving people... ( Read )

Marriage of Believers

The absence of these frictions allows for an environment where love and affection blossoms. Unlike most people, the special feeling does not last few months or years, but grows for a whole life time. Because love and affection grows unhampered for the true believing couple, sexuality takes on a different dimension...
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Selected Verse

"He Who imposed the Qur'an upon you will certainly bring you back home again. Say, 'My Lord knows best who has brought true guidance and who is plainly misguided."

Qur'an 28:85

English Presentations of the Glorious Qur'an:

Surah Luqman
Chapter Luqman

Surah Al-Mulk
Chapter The Control

Surah Aala-Imran
Chapter The Family of Imran

Surah Maryam
Chapter Mary

Surah Al-Inshiqaq
Chapter Ripped Apart

Surah An-Nur
Chapter The Light

Surah Qaf
Chapter Qaf

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Understanding the Arabic Language does not Mean One Understands the Qur'an

The majority of the people assume that if one understands the Arabic language, it means he is capable of understanding the Qur'an. They are also quick to dismiss anyone who has a point to make about the Qur'an's verses, if they are not an Arab or do not speak Arabic. A  consistent feature of these sorts of people is that they themselves know little about the Qur'an... ( Read )

Reading the Qur'an but Practising Something Else

There is a prevalent culture among Muslims where they only view the Qur'an as a way of gaining reward for reciting out loud the Arabic words correctly. Such people think that they hold the Qur'an in high esteem, but this only keeps them away from studying the Qur'an as they should...
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  • Watch Surah Qaf

Twisting the Qur'an with Tongues

Because of their mistaken belief that something taken from elsewhere has the credibility of the Qur'an, they think they have the right to say to every one 'it is in the Qur'an' (literally) to give their false claim authority, knowing very well it is not there. Allah has identified these sorts of intentional twisters of Allah's Scriptures in a Verse... ( Read )

Selected Verse

"Should We treat the ones who have surrendered the same as those who are criminals? What is wrong with you, how do you judge? Or do you have another book which you study? In it you find what you wish to find?"
(Qur'an 68:36-38)


The Struggle for Psyche

Since birth you have been in a relentless struggle. One which you have not fully grasped. Coming out from the perspective of 'you' we can see how truly meaningful that struggle is, and if anything is gained in the universe through its achievement...
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Existence of Good People

We must keep our minds open for bad people in society who may harm us or harm others. In this article, we will make a very important observation from the Qur'an. Those who are ignorant of religion or do not take the Qur'an as a guide make a mistake when they do not keep their mind open for the possible existence of truly good people who are the complete opposite of the sorts of people we have identified so far... ( Read )

The Only Legitimate Consumers of Earth's Blessings are the Believers

Allah has created all blessings on earth solely for the purpose of mankind thanking and praising Him for it. This includes all things in life, from the sweet taste of a fruit and the fragrance of a rose, only for the true believer... ( Read )

Selected Verse

“Have you considered those who were asked to accept judgement from Allah’s Book? When they are asked to accept judgement from Allah’s Book, some of them turn their backs and walk away!”
(Qur'an 3:23)

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  • Polygamy - For the Mothers of Orphans Only
  • Love for Allah

Using the Qur'an as a Bait

These sincere converts continue to learn about religion from the majority of so-called Muslims around them, but have no idea how much they have strayed from the true Book of Allah. They feel convinced they are on the right path due to the others around them also being on that un-Quranic path... ( Read )

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Being Sincere in Islam

A believer who understand that his or her duty is to uphold all the teachings of the Qur'an is on a refined path. None of the teachings of the Qur'an imposes impracticality or beyond reasonable obligations as stated in a verse we mentioned earlier. For example, a believer may dress according to his or her culture and tradition, though modestly and this is absolutely fine... ( Read )

Converting to Islam

Converting to Islam, is not to do with shifting from one dogma to another - one dress code to another, one type of food to another, one group of friends to another. It is about God. If it is an appeal about anything other than this, the reason for conversion is totally faulty. The goal is God, not these superficial desires of achieving a feeling of righteousness, or a certain lifestyle to achieve peace from outer things... ( Read )

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  • Polygamy - For the Mothers of Orphans Only
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Consanguineous Marriages


Two Female Witnesses in Place of One Male Witness


The Struggle for Witness

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Unwavering Faith in Allah

Those men who past the brink of death and died, all went through a phase. This phase is the most helpless moment in ones life. When they realised they had no other way but to turn to Allah for help, they most probably sincerely sought Allah's help in a manner which they never did before. In that moment, they surrendered themselves completely to the will of Allah... ( Read )


Peaceful Life of the True Believer

It is revealed in the Qur'an that whoever believes in Allah and does good work, whether male or female, Allah will make them live a good life in this world. He will further reward them in the Hereafter for their efforts. This is a promise of Allah in Surah An-Nahl, Verse 97, from the creator of human beings. We will briefly look at how the true believer is saved from the woes of everyday life of the mass, and earns the good life in this world, promised by Allah...
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The Plight of the Hypocrites

Are you the kind of sincere believer who is knowledgeable of the Qur'an and works only for the sake of Allah in every moment of your life? Does every single word and deed of yours bear the motive of earning the paradise of Allah and to comply with the values of the Qur’an?... ( Read )

Women & Beauty: A Secret Revealed in the Qur'an

The Qur'an reveals many secrets to us. One of these secrets is the special beauty which Allah has granted women. That which men have not been given... ( Read )

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Pointless Life

Is your life valuable? The answer to this question which is most scientific and logical is that your life is completely pointless... ( Read )

  • Women & Beauty: A Secret of the Qur'an
  • Unity & Love Between those who Believe

The Mix of Disbelieving People

A secret revealed in the Qur'an is the various categories and divisions of people - ranging from complete true believers, to staunch deniers of Allah with many different sorts and flavours in-between. We will look at the mix of disbelieving groups briefly in this article and what differentiates them...
( Read )

Taking the Religion of Islam as a Dogma

Islam is not a collection of practices, things to do, clothes to wear, or a bunch of Arabic vocabularies to share with your friends. Islam is composed of a true understanding of the existence of Allah and feeling true devotion to Allah only. Allah chooses whom he wants to feel this unique blessing of the heart... ( Read )

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Unity & Love between those who Believe

For the true believers, only this criteria of faith differentiates a person from the rest because this is what matters to Allah and Allah is what matters to them. Thus, they always seek to find and form friendship with others who also love and worship Allah with utmost devotion, and who study and understand the Qur'an as they should... ( Read )

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Appreciating Beauty

One of the attributes of a true believer is his or her ability to appreciate beauty in all things Allah has created. Whenever he sees things in nature, he is  immediately reminded of the great power and majesty of the Creator who made it. In this way, all moments of life are causes for reflection for the true Believer... ( Read )