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QuranicPath.com is written and designed purely for the pleasure of Allah. It is not associated with any sect or group whatsoever. The motivation for its content is simply to proclaim Allah's true message, the Qur'an, to all people including today's Muslims, as was revealed to Prophet Muhammad the last messenger and prophet. The credibility of every work on QP depend exclusively on the truthfulness of the Qur'an, the logic and wisdom that embody every work. All sincere Muslims should follow the Qur'an without distorting any of its meanings. It is hoped that QuranicPath will encourage others to become sincere believers who follow the sublime path of surrendering to their Creator, with knowledge of the Qur'an, instead of being 'passive' followers.

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QuranicPath is a 100% charitable and non-profit website, born and maintained purely out of love for Allah and devotion to Him. It is hoped that the endeavors will encourage the same devotion to Allah in others.

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QuranicPath is a 100% charitable website. All its work are completed for the sake of Allah alone, for no worldly return. Therefore, making profit whether be in monetary or in any other form out of QP material is prohibited.

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