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How do Plants, Animals & Insects Worship Allah? What Happens to them in the Hereafter?

They also live and die, but what is the purpose of their lives and what happens to them when they die?...
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Hijab & Niqab in the Qur'an

"We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an so you people may understand" (12:2)

Does this verse indicate superiority of Arabic language? Does the Qur'an portray Arabic as the preferred choice of  Scriptural language?... ( Read )

The Claim that Qur'an 33:53 Commands Women to Wear Niqab (Face Veil)

There is no requirement in the Qur'an for Face Veil (Niqab), yet verse 33:53 allegedly contains a command... ( Read )

Consanguineous Marriages

Allah specifies family relations with whom marriages are forbidden. In this list of prohibited marriages, cousins (first or second) are not mentioned, thereby indicating that marriages to one's cousins are permitted. Despite consanguineous marriage being very popular in some cultures, it is considered taboo in others. What are the basis of some of the commonly held perceptions towards cousin-marriages?...
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Selected Verse

"Believers, bow down, prostrate yourselves, worship your Lord and do good deeds so that you may succeed." (Qur’an 22:77)

How did Previous Scriptures Alter when Allah says His Words cannot be Changed?

Non-Believers, namely Christians and Jews, point out an apparent contradiction. The Qur'an says in several places, that the words of Allah cannot be changed. Then, how can previous Scriptures be altered? Is that not a contradiction?... ( Read )

Is Having More Children Islamic?

Verse 3:14 - "Alluring for all people are love of charms: Women, children, gold and silver treasures"

An interesting point on how women can be alluring to all mankind... ( Read )

The Number 19 - Has God Authorised its Use?

A lot of study has been made by certain groups using the no. 19 - to what extent are these studies valid?... ( Read )

Halal Meat in the Qur'an

One of the main reasons why a person chooses to be a vegeterian is to not be cruel to animals. Indeed, without Quranic reasoning, taking life for consumption is like murder. The concept of halal meat is discussed in this article... ( Read )

Two Female Witnesses in Place of One Male Witness

Are two female witnesses equal to one male witness? An article explaining a common mistranslation of verse 2:282 and correct background understanding that explains the verse... ( Read )

Courage Needed to do Good Deeds

Verse 5:33 - "Cut off alternate hands and feet"

Disbelievers who try to show the Qur'an teaches violence often use this verse from the Qur'an. The real meanings may be much deeper than what they assume at face value... ( Read )

Verse 5:43 - "But how can they ask you to judge them when they have the Torah, in it is Allah's judgement..."

People wonder why does Allah say the Torah contains judgement of Allah, if it has been altered? Does it mean the Torah was never altered?... ( Read )

The Styles of Addressing Women in the Qur'an

The principles, rulings, inspiration and status the Glorious Qur'an gives regarding womankind are solely to bring honour and dignity to women of the entire world. To understand the Qur'an in its truest sense of equality, it must not be taken out of it socio-historical context... ( Read )

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