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Pointless Life

Warning: This article is unsuitable for people suffering from depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions.

The article reveals a highly sensitive and pertinent point regarding your life. For those who wish to continue, it is essential to read it alone in a quiet environment in order to comprehend its message. Please turn off any music or background sounds.


Is your life valuable? The answer to this question which is most scientific and logical is that your life is completely pointless. Each moment you deceive your mind into thinking you have some meaning to your life.

You exist only because you were born. Before you were born, you did not exist. You only claim that there existed time and people before your birth because you started existing. Yet, before you were born, neither time, matter or people existed. When you die, you return to the exact same state of non-existence. In this state, no thoughts, memories, feelings, time, matter or space exist. Nothing exists, and nothing does not exist. The computer screen in front of you will have no existence. The fact that you even existed will not be true from the perspective of non-existence.

You came into the world in a bewildered mind of a child. A child's mind is interesting because it is unable to question why it started existing, or question its so-called originators (parents) why they brought him into the world. You then continued from that childhood state of deception, to another state of deception implanted in you by society and schooling - that you need to be someone. You made that your point in life. You then chased that dream, got married in order to bring more like yourself into the world. Like a dog chasing its tale, until finally your life ends. Once you die, you neither have the career you worked for all your life, nor your family. Just like the universe did not exist before you were born, the universe ceases to exist. You are back to non-existence and nothing ever existed. From the perspective of nothing, you never existed, never had a family, name or even identity, despite your tombstone carrying one. Infact, Your tombstone does not exist from your viewpoint, or more accurately, your viewpoint does not exist.

So what is the reason to live your life? You may say that you want to see your children grow up. Remember, when you die, you have no memories or concept of existence. It is as if you were never born. From this factual standpoint, your children do not exist and you do not have any children. You are only saying you "want" to see them because you are in existence. The world and everything you hold as dear and of value is only an after-effect, a secondary attribute of existence, when existence ceases, so do all the after-effects. From the perspective of non-existence, nothing exists.

Psyche Brain

An argument to live life is that life is to be enjoyed. Enjoyments are chemical reactions in your brain of hormones such as endorphins. No matter how enjoyable or luxurious you make your life, you will enter the same state of non-existence you were in before. Enjoyments are a form of delusion which keeps you distracted from the real pointless nature of life. Your life is infinitely tiny and consumed by non-existence on either ends. Enjoyments are pointless. Just as with life, memories of you ever having them will be forever lost into nothingness, as if you never enjoyed. With your death, it is as though the Big Bang never happened and the universe did not exist. From the perspective of nothing which death brings, you never enjoyed anything or had a name, the fact that you existed does not exist, whether you existed or not is not a question anymore. You simply, never existed - just as you never did before you were born. Suppose you enjoyed a movie, your brain which experienced the chemical reaction will not recall it with death as there is no 'you' after death.

Even from the perspective of living people, once you die and your body is buried, your brain will decay and the worms and bacteria of the soil will consume your brain and body. But this is just to make it believable, because it will not matter to you as you don't exist, concepts of worms and bacteria are gone - rather, did they ever exist from the perspective of you (which is nothingness)? The chemical reactions you strived for by going out to the cinema or going shopping, were merely valuable because of the misleading worth you assigned to it while you were alive, and termed it "enjoyment". From the viewpoint of your death, which is more certain than the coming of tomorrow, you are as nothing as you were before you were conceived. Yet, each day you go around in a circle believing you have an objective to life.

To be remembered by people is another reason people give to live life or feel solace in. Even if people remember you, this remembrance means nothing to you - there is no 'you' or people from the perspective of nothing. Remember, people exist while you exist, they no longer exist once you stop existing, just as they did not before you were born.


The universe and everything you know is only a side-effect of existing.
They permanently cease to exist when you cease to exist.

Another excuse people give to live life is that they need to work toward betterment of mankind. Some even become aid workers and do other great Nobel prize-winning work. It should be understood that mankind did not exist before you existed. And they will not exist once you die. And you will die, if you are dead, mankind never existed. There was no need to help mankind as there was no such thing. Your idea of 'meaning' is only because you exist. All people you see around you are destined to non-existence in any case, when it would be as though they never lived. Therefore, truly you did not save or help anyone. Timelessness surrounds all, it does not matter how many people you save or kill - it does not make any difference to anything.

Nothing matters in life. Your happiness, enjoyment, sadness and worries are only a side-effect of existing in an infinitesimally small time-frame of existence you assume to be valuable. Did you have any worries before you existed? Did you have any need to enjoy yourself before you existed? With death, you go back to the same nothingness - you never ever lived from your new perspective. Life is only assumed meaningful under the deception you arrogantly refuse to come out of and which you also help implant in others around you in ignorance of the reality. There is no such thing as a car, house, money, wife, husband, children, or your body. They did not exist before you were conceived, and they will not exist after you die. The moment you took your first breath to the moment you will take your last breath will become a single point and the two points are joined by nothingness, such that you never ever existed - with death, timelessness and nothingness surrounds all. In fact, the word "nothing" does not exist because we conjured it up in existence.


Martha did not live at all. She is now how she was before. She assumed life had a purpose while she was alive. Just like you, she enjoyed family time, going out with friends, shopping etc. and gave her life a reason to exist. Now that she died and has returned to the same state of non-existence she was in before conception, from this perspective she was never born, never lived and never died. She just never existed. Yet, she deceived her
mind just as you do today that things actually matter.

The conclusion is that there is no point to live your life. Every reason to live you may come up with is doomed to the same bleak end. If you have truly understood what has been said so far, then you should have realised that everything you are trying for right now actually has no point. Because it is the truth that your life is pointless. You are as nothing now as you are living. You go into an abyss of nothingness and lose everything you ever worked for, including memories. No matter who you are, your life is as good as being dead because once you are dead, you are as good as not being born, because from the perspective of not existing, you never ever lived. Therefore, it does not matter whether you are dead or alive right now. Denying this fact is a sure of sign of a lack of wisdom, and wilful negligence.

The Qur'an Agrees with the Pointlessness of your Life

"By Time! Truly, man is in loss." (Qur'an 103:1-2)

The Qur'an agrees with the fact of people deceiving their minds with desires, which are destined to the same bleak nothingness of non-existence:

"Trying to gain more distracts you until you visit the graves" (Qur'an 102:1-2)

The Qur'an points to the fact that acts of enjoyment are actually the enjoying of a state of delusion of your mind, whereby it has concealed the pointless state of your life, and that without this delusion there is no real enjoyment:

"The life of this world is nothing but the enjoyment of delusion." (Qur'an 57:20)

And the false sense of "purpose" to live man creates through acts of enjoyments, competition with humans, feeling the need to stay alive such as for children and money, when all these will turn into what was before you were born:

"Know that the life of this world is merely a game, a diversion, an allurement, a cause of boasting among yourselves and trying to outdo one another in wealth and children... " (Qur'an 57:20)

"Delusion", the operative word in verse 57:20, denotes a state of mind which conceals the reality, and keeps aloof of it - prevents itself from thinking so that it can enjoy life. Otherwise, it has to deal with the repercussions of such thinking. Surely, such an escape is unwise and is a weakness. A wise man or a woman has to accept the fact that his or her life is truly pointless, scientifically this is true. He must fully come to terms with the fact of his state of nothingness. Non-existence dominates his very essence, and truly he does not exist and never existed in his default perspective.

Everything you ever worked for, is nothing you have worked for. We are sure of one thing by now:

Life is Pointless

This article is not trying to push meaning into life. We factually state the clear universal truth for every soul living on earth, whatever religion they are, colour, race or gender.

Clever Tactic of "Religious" People to Justify Worldliness

No doubt, some religious people reading this will argue that life is both to enjoy and serve Allah. They try to white-wash enjoyment of the life of this world with the concept of serving Allah in order to not comprehend the facts we have stated. Your enjoyments, achievements, time out with friends, are all deceptions to the pointless and hollow nature of your life. Perhaps the only benefit is sanity. If you believe you will go mad if you do not do them, then do them. But admit that it is to keep you sane, and not a reason to live. Giving acts of 'enjoyments' destined to non-existence a spiritual value is a deception to the true nature of life. Such religiously justified worldly devotion is potentially more dangerous than an atheist person's outlook - an atheist will accept the pointlessness of his life, and can even develop great humility to the world. That is why, many 'religious' people wilfully do not grasp what is being said so that they may attach themselves to ambitions, hopes and striving for more with a dangerously insidious zeal, while claiming devoutness for themselves. They are also frightened to accept the consequence of such a way of thinking, and/or incapable of intense thought.

What if the Hereafter exists?

The Qur'an claims the duration* of nothingness after your death does have an end. This is unlike the duration before you were born. Does this have an effect on your pointless life?

* Note, there is no duration from the perspective of nothingness/death. Used for expressive purpose only.

If the Quranic claim that you will be raised from your eternal sleep for another life is true, and that you will be questioned in light of the Qur'an with regards to what you did in this pointless life, then by logic, the only things in life that can be of any point in doing are that which you did to obey its orders.

"He used to live joyfully among his people. He did not think he would return to Us. Nay! His Lord was watching over him." (Qur'an 84:14-15)

In the Qur'an at some point in the future, those who are alive on earth will experience a terrifying day. This is the end of the universe as we know it, though you may not exist that day. It claims that following this event, all those who have gone into non-existence tens of thousands of years ago up till this day, including yourself, will again experience the state of living.

"The Trumpet is blown and those in the heavens and those in the earth swoon away, except those God wills. Then it is blown a second time, at once they stand upright, looking on. And the earth shines with the Pure Light of its Lord; the Book is put in place; the prophets and witnesses are brought; it is decided between them with the truth; and they are not wronged. Every self is repaid in full for what it did. He knows best what they are doing." (Qur'an 39:68-70)

Door to Heaven

The only actions in Life that can carry a point in doing are those you do to obey Qur'anic orders.

Since only the Hereafter matters, the believers in the Qur'an believe that the only purpose in life is to follow the Qur'anic orders. To them, this is revealed in the following verses.

"This too, is a blessed Book which We have sent down – follow it and be conscious of your Lord, so that you may receive mercy – lest you say, ‘Books were sent to two communities before us: we were not aware of what they studied’, or ‘if only the Book had been sent down to us, we would have been better guided than them.’ Now your Lord has brought you clear evidence, guidance, and mercy. Who could be more wrong then someone who rejects God's Revelations and turns away from them? We shall repay those who turn away from our verses with a painful punishment." (Qur’an 6:155-157)

It also reveals that being occupied in life with anything other than the Qur'an is purely a deception. They are pointless pursuits in bleak non-existence with the only meaningful pursuit being the Qur'an.

"Is this the statement you are being deceptive over? And you make that [deception] your livelihood so that you can persist in your denial? But when the [soul] reaches the throat and you are looking on at that moment, We are closer to him than you are, but you cannot see Us. If you are not indebted to Us, return his soul to him if you think you can." (Qur’an 56:81-87)

To conclude, it has been proven that no matter who you are, your life is completely pointless. What rests upon you is to humble yourself to admit this fact. You are not special at all, and no body else is special. Right now, you are as good as you were before you were born - from the perspective of your sure death, nothing ever existed, not even your life. We may even say that you do not exist right now. Those who believe in Revelations claimed to be from God, warning them of a Day of Judgement and the existence of an eternal Heaven or Hell, have the only objective meaning of trying to follow those Revelations as this will determine an after-life, which restores the memory and thus also the meaning to this life. Everything else is totally pointless.

A Note to Athiests

Regardless of whether God (and Hereafter) exists, all people lose everything and go into a state of non-existence. God's existence is not due to a fear of pointless life, but due to innumerable scientific proof in the heavens and the earth - more importantly, your own consciousness is this higher being which calls into existence the entire universe of light, colour and sound. All people regardless of their faith will go into non-existence and their lives are pointless from this perspective. Belief in the Hereafter gives the only meaning to life via the objective of following His Scripture, we do not get any comfort in doing worldly activities.

Some atheists say that their life is meaningful. This is not a scientific or logical standpoint. The fact that you are willing to deceive your mind by giving an absolute purpose to your worldly pursuits does not make your life meaningful, it just means you agreed to be deceived while you are alive and assumed a meaning. The concept of meaning does not exist from the perspective of nothingness. Right now, you are in your default state of nothingness and do not exist. You are just like Martha in the example above, waiting for your life to end, when it would be as though this very moment never existed.

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