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Converting to Islam

To understand Islam, a believer must understand the Qur'an. The Qur'an, through its intricate words, analogies, anecdotes and most awe-inspiring similitudes paints the most beautiful quality of the heart needed to be a believer. It is a type of faith most people are totally unfamiliar with, even those claiming to be within the religion. Converting to Islam is not a change of lifestyle, if this is the goal then the person has not understood a thing about the purpose of the Qur'an. Coming to terms with the Qur'an really means coming to a realisation, a person's commitment in the heart to the process of developing the greatest bond of love with the most important being in the world, universe and beyond. One begins to see God, in absolutely everything he or she sees, does, touches or smells. His heart begins to fill with awe and indescribable feelings when reading the Qur'an, as he understands that it is from the very same God he sees in everything, and feels a unique intimate connection and love with his Maker.

"Those who deliver God's message and hold God in awe, and hold no one other than God in awe. God is sufficient as a Reckoner". (Qur'an 33:39)

Converting to Islam, is not to do with shifting from one dogma to another - one dress code to another, one type of food to another, one group of friends to another. It is about God. If it is an appeal about anything other than this, the reason for conversion is totally faulty - it is a worldly conversion and as good as converting to other religions. It is of no benefit in the sight of God, that one "converted" so that he or she can stop drinking, dress in a certain way, enjoy breaking fast with people, or the coziness of those adherents claiming to be believers. It is also not good enough to simply acknowledge "things make sense" in "Islam" when it is not based on a dedicated study of the Qur'an. No doubt, some things in a person's life may need to be adjusted - but the goal is God, not these superficial desires of achieving a feeling of righteousness, or a certain lifestyle to achieve peace from outer things. Sacrifices made without this manifest realisation, and not done for God alone is meaningless to God.

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