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Women & Beauty: A Secret Revealed in the Qur'an

The Qur'an reveals many secrets to us. One of these secrets is the special beauty which Allah has granted women, that which men have not been given.

In the Qur'an, there is more than one reference to a special form of beauty given to women which Allah highlights using the word "zeena", this word can be loosely translated to 'beauty'. There is no application of this word specifically to men however.

The disbelieving women who deny the existence of Allah, or deny the guidance sent down by Allah, are completely unaware of this unique and precious gift they have been given. They lead a life completely heedless and unaware of this great secret revealed to them, and so are not able to derive the pleasure of knowing such an important fact about themselves.

"Indeed, it is We who brought them [with beauty] into being." (Qur'an 56:35)*

*The meaning emphasises beauty in the Arabic verse & context.

Women & Beauty

Believing women however, are possessed of this knowledge about themselves. They know that Allah, their Creator, has given them this valuable gift, and are able to derive great joy from knowing this secret revealed to them in the Qur'an. It makes them feel nearer to Allah, and confident in their lives, knowing that Allah has truly fashioned them in His great power and infinite knowledge.

Women in Paradise

Beauty in Women

When reading the Quranic descriptions of the Gardens of Paradise, it is important to realise that Paradise is not necessarily emulating this world. Rather, the beauty of Paradise may be revealed as a subset in this world, such as gardens, fruits, and rivers. Therefore, the enchanting beauty of the attendants of Paradise may not be an attempt at emulating womenkind of this world, rather the correct perception may be that women of this world are truly blessed to have been designed in the enchanting beauty of the beautiful attendants of Paradise... "they had been given something similar to it [in the world]" (2:25). Carrying this 'heavenly quality' of beauty in their aesthetics, believing women are noble and grateful to their Lord, and try to reflect their beauty in their personalities with the Quranic description of being 'loving / gentle' (56:37), the personalities of the attendants of Paradise, and the natural heart of a true believer.

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