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Taking the Religion of Islam as a Dogma

Islam is not a collection of practices, things to do, clothes to wear, or a bunch of Arabic vocabularies to share with your friends. Islam is composed of a true understanding of the existence of Allah and feeling true devotion to Allah only. However, over the centuries, the majority of the so-called Muslims have adapted a religion where Islam is simply for them to conform to practices and rituals. This is a false religion where it is not based on a true understanding of Allah and devotion to Him.

The extent of this distortion is so severe that any discussion of Islam as applicable to a person's life is about putting a cloth over the head for women, or growing hair on the face for men, doing the physical salat prayers or circumcising. These people may even be involved in 'religious activities'. Their level of understanding of true faith, which is true devotion to Allah is proportional to their lack of enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding of the Quranic verses as the Qur'an primarily revolves around developing an understanding of Allah and refining one's conscience. Thus the definition of Islam for them is merely conforming to ways of doing things, rituals, Arabic jargon, names of men of the past, and to create an atmosphere that feels nostalgic of the past. The condition is similar to adherents of other religions for example, many Christians attend church service religiously but do not have any understanding of Allah nor are they devoted to Him, though they think they are.

Unfortunately, this majority are deceived into thinking they are "practising" Islam when they really have not grasped faith in Allah. In reality, they are doing just that, "practising" a dogma passed down from generations after the prophet. Although these people sometimes talk of fear of Allah or read the Qur'an regularly, they do so merely as part of this 'dogma'. Their recitation of the Qur'an is purely some foreign words they utter in their deception.

There is no way out for these people, so long as Allah keeps them in this cycle.

"Nor could this Qur'an have been devised by anyone other than Allah. It is a confirmation of what was revealed before it, and an explanation of the Scripture - let there be no doubt about it - it is from the Lord of all the Worlds" (Qur'an 10:37)

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