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Appreciating Beauty

One of the attributes of a true believer is his or her ability to appreciate beauty in all things Allah has created. Whenever he sees things in nature, he is immediately reminded of the great power and majesty of the Creator who made it. In this way, all moments of life are causes for reflection for the true believer.

Sense of Smell

A believer enjoys the beauty in every fragrance, makes it a means to remember Allah's favours.

Such a thinking believer is also free from the prejudices of today’s society, namely the conditioning of the mind by the media. He can see that all human beings have been created in a pleasant form that is appealing to the viewer. He notices in all people, the perfection in the symmetry of the body, the face and the pleasant appearance of the human smile as well as countless other details that makes the human body pleasant to see. This leads him to render thanks to Allah and feel Allah's ever presence in all human beings He has created. The real believer views people as precious creation manifesting Allah's great power and purpose in creation. He can easily see the marvellous complexity involved in the design of the human body and knows that simply appreciating the outer appearance in a superficial manner would be ungratefulness to Allah.

"(People), do you not see how Allah has made what is in the heavens and the earth useful to you, and has lavished His blessings on you both outwardly and inwardly?" (Qur'an 31:20)

That is why, the believers are those who are able see and appreciate beauty in a way disbelievers do not. They do not judge beauty merely on the terms of majority of the people on earth. However, what truly differentiates a person from another is their fear and love of Allah, which comes from an understanding of the existence of Allah and the purpose of creation. No body is responsible over their own bodies' creation, and everyone on earth found themselves incased in a body over which they had no say. The human body comes to a bitter end only within a few decades. That is why believers only judge one another on the level of their moral perfection and adherence to Allah's commands.

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